A December Dawn’s Stream of Musical Consciousness


That moment when you simply choose a CD to pop in your van on the way to dropping off your daughters for a bus trip to voice auditions for a New England Music Festival and the sounds you hear pierce your soul with a breathtaking ultra-deja vu-like experience, yet beyond that – an entity’s remembrance of a possible past, if not identically, then at least within a parallel time/space connection to something, someone you once could have been from a long life ago displaced eternally from now and concurrently still to be.
That sound connects you to a periphery of beauty, the early December sunrise reflections against the grayness of the year’s passing days, each note a moment, each breath a chance, each gasp a loss of moment, each silence – newness, each cadence, beginnings overcoming death.
Although this now moment will fade as the day will be overcome by schedules, chores, and duty (without regrets), a longing for an exorbitant time/space composing only for voices to be performed in a gothic cathedral, natural reverberations bleeding stunning dissonances, some to be resolved – many not – beauty in darkness and hope in light.

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