Prophets, Farfisas, and Dvořák, Oh My!

Sometimes one just needs a fun go-to project, something beneficial personally, but not necessarily Earth-shattering. Something I have been wanting to do for awhile is to re-orchestrate some of my favorite symphonic passages into the fabulous virtual instrument sounds of classic synthesizers like Prophets, Farfisas, Mini Moogs, and even some B3 on the side. So with a little music tech fun, I have started with the gorgeous slow movement from the New World Symphony. So when I need a little sonic therapy, I enter into the swirling realm of Arturia Classic Virtual instruments and just bathe in the sound sculpturing process. There are several other selections that come to mind by Sibelius, Mahler, Adorno, Gesualdo, Bach…. the possibilities are endless and may lead to some moving image scoring examples for my showreel. 27 days until summer!