Artist Statements

Equally composing for both contemporary concert and electroacoustic mediums, Jason Matthew Malli employs an aesthetic exploring the redistribution of musical elements and properties within the realm of structural prioritization. In his concert compositions, non-temporal jurisdiction practices common in free improvisation merges with the use of sound masses in electroacoustic music. His process aims to expand upon minimalistic properties of both Les Six composers and Reilly, Reich, and Glass as exemplified by Toward Syzygy for Percussion Trio, while Motetus Obscura for Chamber Ensemble and Electronics leans more toward more strictly composed sections complemented by improvisational passages providing parameter choices to performers to independently freely alter tempo, at times, in opposition to the other members in the ensemble. This process allows for a work flow similar to his compositions for electronics whether for fixed media or live processing. Malli’s pre-recorded and live instrument sounds often quote folkloric or medieval-style melodies within abstract new contexts.

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