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Jason Matthew Malli, M.F.A., M.A.L.S., a long time resident of Connecticut, has composed music for over 30 years. He recently completed his MFA in Music Composition at Vermont College of Fine Arts concentrating on contemporary concert and electroacoustic music delving into the realms of microtones, poly-temporality, sound masses, extended instruments, analog synthesis, and digital sound all while still cultivating his life long passion and interest for folkloric melodies and the exploration of human narratives as effective vehicles for artistic expression. Malli highlights recent accomplishments to include two multi-speaker surround sound realizations of “consubstantial,” an electroacoustic fixed media composition, first premiered in the 3D Spatialization Lab at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival in 2014 and more recently at The Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology’s 15th Biennial Symposium at Connecticut College as an Emerging Artist Recipient. Other recent compositions received successful premieres in the Open Sound Installation at the 2014 SEAMUS National Conference at Wesleyan University and the inaugural Emerging Composers Concert at Boston Conservatory sponsored by Boston Musica Viva in April 2014. Jason’s chamber ensemble composition, “The Gathering of Sects” was followed by a Meet the Composers Panel Discussion with Boston Musica Viva’s Musical Director, Richard Pittman.

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